Making Movies That Matter Workshop

About Making Movies That Matter Workshop

The “Making Movies with Meaning Workshop” is a two hour documentary filmmakers intensively created to help artist tell stories that are purpose driven and designed to bring good into the world. Taught by award winning documentary director/producer T.C. Johnstone, the course will draw from his 12 years of experience in the industry focusing on his recent work “Rising From Ashes” which has won over 12 film festivals and opens in theaters in July. T.C. will also share segments from the award winning web series “BTS” created by Zacuto Productions for the audience to get a real life picture of international documentary filmmaking. Five Topic Overview • The power of storytelling to make a difference in the world. How to think outside Hollywood entertainment. • Finding a tale worth telling. How to find a great documentary story. • The six stages of filmmaking: The idea, Development, Pre-production, Production, Post-Production, Marketing and Distribution. • Filmmakers Tools and Technology: What tools do you need. • How to find the motivation to finish. The power of creation and personal transformation.