Starbase Indy

About Starbase Indy

Whether you are young or old, a science aficionado or someone who just wants to explore his or her inner science fiction geek, Starbase Indy has something for you. Starbase Indy is an Indianapolis-based science fiction fest, now in its 18th year. Held over Thanksgiving weekend, it provides an escape from the mundane as well as a chance to stretch the mind. In the past, Starbase Indy has hosted actors, astronauts, professors, authors, musical guests, and behind-the-scenes artists to discuss their crafts. Panels and workshops have featured the latest on NASA, producing films, and creating costumes. This year’s Starbase Indy will host stars from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, and Stargate SG-1. Children age 12 and under are free. Starbase Indy is a non-profit organization and raises money for its charities during the event.