Meet the Geckos

About Meet the Geckos

Geckos! Exhibit opened Feb. 2 – closes May 15. They bark, hiss and sing. It’s a lizard thing! Earth is home to more than 1,000 species of geckos, and they live on every continent except Antartica. They live in deserts, rainforests, mountainous regions and now 15 species of live geckos will strut their stuff at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. You may have to look carefully to spot some of the geckos because they do like to hide and some of them have incredible modes of camouflage. There will be interactive and pretend-play elements to help you understand their sticky toepads. Did you know they can even break off their own tails?! These superstars of the lizard world will take you on an incredible gecko eco-adventure in our new temporary exhibit. Pretty. Weird. The first Thursday of each month you can visit the Indianapolis Children's Museum for free during Target Family Night! Don't miss your chance to see these incredible creatures!