Connersville Bicentennial '20s through '60s Day

About Connersville Bicentennial '20s through '60s Day

It's a blast from the past on Wednesday of Connersville Bicentennial Week when we celebrate the first part of the 20th Century from the Roaring '20s through the Swingin' '60s! We'll have music from each of the periods, plus dress in your favorite Zoot Suit, flapper dress, even your bell bottoms and tie dye T-shirts! Take a stroll down Memory Lane from the Do-Wop songs of the 1950s to the Big Band music in the 40s. It's a fun look at Connersville's past when music ruled the radio and we cruised from Kunkel's to Bill's Drive-In. Join us for Connersville Bicentennial's '20s through the '60s Celebration!