OP: Urgent Solution II: Air-Soft

About OP: Urgent Solution II: Air-Soft

Having taken major losses in the last campaign of 2052, SAC forces lie broken and in disrepair. The industrial might of the north gave ICON forces logistics that simply couldn’t be matched by the farmers and militiamen of the region. ICON forces were able to seize the City, the main trade hub, and made it the center for their new regional government. Establishing rule in the former central Indiana region is paramount to their expansion westward, and replenishment of their conscripted ranks. After a long, brutal winter under the rule of occupation ICON forces, the remaining resistance fighters from the former SAC ranks are launching a bloody spring offensive. With the help of militia forces from the south, the partizan fighters aim to drive ICON forces from their land with ruthless vengeance. Although cut off from their main fighting forces and much needed logistical support, ICON forces hold steadfast to defend its city stronghold from the surge until reinforcements can arrive. Date: May 4th, 2013 Location: eXplore Brown County. 2620 Valley Branch Road, Nashville, IN 47448 Time: Starts at 11AM EST, be there by 9AM. Ends at 5PM EST. Cost: $20, paid at the gate. Event Organizers: Comrade S_Z, HRTurner, & Peli.