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Visiting the Toe of the Boot – Evansville Trip, Day 2

My son and I had just spent a very busy day in Evansville in early August, eating some great German food at the Germania Volksfest; visiting the LST (landing ship tank), a WWII boat (okay, okay, ship!) that played an Read more >

Visiting the Toe of the Boot – Evansville Trip, Day 1

Every year, I try to visit the city of Evansville, Indiana for any reason I can find. I first visited about five years ago when I took my oldest daughter on a trip for Visit Indiana. Laura Libs of the Read more >

Great Burger Quest Takes Me to Evansville and The Pub

“Who has the best hamburger in Evansville?” I asked Laura Libs, of the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau. I am on a quest to find great hamburgers, and occasionally post reviews to a burger website run by a friend of Read more >

Ri Ra’s Irish Restaurant in Downtown Evansville Provides Irish Atmosphere

On a recent trip to Evansville, I had a chance to enjoy lunch at Ri Ra, an Irish restaurant in downtown Evansville, near the Casino Aztar. In fact, Ri Ra was part of a $40 million expansion of the Downtown Read more >

Art Galleries at Evansville’s Universities Are a Must-See for Any Art Fan

Man, Evansville has some beautiful art! I’ve gone to countless galleries, exhibits, and museums over the years. A lot of times, the art just starts to run together in one big blur. To answer the art gripers, yes, I do Read more >

Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science

I think the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science is one of the most impressive museums I’ve ever had a chance to visit, and I’ve visited a lot of museums. Sure, there are bigger museums, like Chicago or Indianapolis, Read more >

Evansville Otters Baseball for Southwest Indiana

Baseball may have its modern ballparks, its architectural wonders, its parks that gleam in the sunshine. Watching baseball in one of the metropolitan marvels is a comfortable, enjoyable experience. But watching baseball in an old ball park is an experience Read more >