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Scotty’s Brewhouse in Indianapolis Unveils New Menu

Scotty’s Brewhouse and I are old friends. Not me and Scott Wise, the owner. Scotty’s Brewhouse. I remember when the first Brewhouse came to Ball State, tearing down the old Mugly’s and putting up a brand new restaurant in its Read more >

A Hamburger Review at Scotty’s Brewhouse

I’m a burger fiend. I love hamburgers, the messier, the better. (The one rule is I have to be able to pick them up. No chili-smothered knife-and-fork burgers.) And I judge the burgers not only on the quality of the Read more >

Scotty’s Brewhouse an Indiana Staple (#INSavings)

If you went to college at IU, Purdue or Ball State or have lived in Indianapolis at some point in the last decade, you probably have heard of (and may have even been to) Scotty’s Brewhouse. Owner Scott Wise started Read more >

Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company

Scotty’s Brewhouse is the epitome of a great sports bar…and there are five of them located throughout Indiana, not to mention Scotty’s Lakehouse in Fishers, Ind and their location in Fort Wayne at the brand new Parkview Field (set to Read more >

A Little Birdie Told Me You Should Check Out…

If you’re anything like me, your idea of a great Saturday night involves some live music and a cold beer. Well I have good news for you, if you’re in Bloomington, great nights come more than once a week. With Read more >

Scotty’s Brewhouse Brouhaha!

I’m not one who usually listens to the hype. I like to experience things for myself and form my own opinions. So, when all I heard from my peers, professors, and coworkers was positive feedback about Scotty’s Brewhouse, I knew Read more >

My Indiana Summer Grand Prize Trip

Indiana Tourism welcomes today’s guest blogger, Thomas Jung: My Indiana Summer Grand Prize Trip The following post was written by Thomas Jung, winner of the My Indiana Summer photo contest. (see his winning entry here, the Top 5 entries here Read more >