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Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acres

We’re more than halfway through July, so if you have young kids you may be getting tired of the same old playgrounds and parks near your house. Fortunately, summer offers a great chance to explore new places. One spot you Read more >

Landmark for Peace: A tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy

One of my favorite places in Indianapolis is a park located at 17th and Broadway, just north of downtown. Here you’ll find what at first appears to be a typical city park. A playground, picnic tables, and basketball goals are scattered about the Read more >

Art at the Indianapolis International Airport

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Indianapolis International Airport lately (mostly waiting on my husband’s flight to land, or dropping him off for yet another business trip). Everyone who uses the airport, which opened about two years ago, has probably Read more >

Slow down in New Harmony, Indiana

Recently, someone posed this question on the Visit Indiana Facebook page: “What are some great honeymoon destinations in Southern Indiana?” I thought for a minute and then suggested that she check out New Harmony, a small town slightly northwest of Read more >