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Gastropubs, Trails and Chocolates: Explore South Bend

I hate to admit that in the past I’ve only been to South Bend to attend a Notre Dame football game. During the visit we rushed in to tailgate and then back out after the game. What I’ve realized after Read more >

10 Chocolate Shops for Your Sweetheart (And Sweet Tooth)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and candy and/or chocolate shops around the state are gearing up for the big day, and they produce amazing chocolates and treats all year round. The Indiana Office of Tourism Development has 10 Read more >

South Bend: History and Happenings

When you think of South Bend you probably think of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish, the story of “Rudy” and the famous line “win one for the Gipper”. All are iconic and engraved forever in history.   The university itself Read more >

Celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Weekend at Oliver Winery

Isnt it nice that Valentines Day falls on a Sunday? For people in the southern part of the state that day of rest and relaxation can become a time of indulgence by participating in the Chocolate Lover’s Weekend with the Read more >

Chocolate for the Spirit- Valentine’s Day Trip Idea

On a recent visit to the Indianapolis City Marketa friend and I spied the Chocolate for the Spiritvendor. Being chocolate aficionados, naturally, we had to check it out. What immediately caught our attention with Chocolate for the Spirit was the Read more >

Danville Chocolate Walk

It’s February and if you aren’t thinking about chocolate then you need to be. And what better way than to participate in the Danville Chocolate Walk. But, this isn’t your typical walk – 5k or otherwise … this one is Read more >

Around the State with Chocolate!

It’s February and you know what that means – it is time to think about Valentine’s Day and with that comes chocolate (the perfect gift for the girl in your life – hint, hint). Over the last year I’ve had Read more >

What’s So Great About Good’s Candy Shop?

Everything. For example, I purchased their popcorn on Wednesday. By Friday night, this is what I had. Yep. Totally gone. But, you may be asking yourself “What is Good’s Candy Shop?” or “Where is Good’s?” Let me enlighten you. The Read more >

Wine is Good. Chocolate is good. Wine and Chocolate TOGETHER? (Yes, Please!)

Saying you’re not a chocolate lover is like saying you’re not a water lover, or an air lover. I mean, certain items are just necessary for survival. While Indiana is blessed with epic and creative chocolate artisans in all corners Read more >