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Blank Paper Turned Beautiful Painting

Watching paint dry isn’t much fun, but watching an artist paint is different. Hoosier Watercolorist Rena Brouwer showcases the fascinating process on her website. For Brouwer, “taking a brush loaded with color and touching it to a surface that explodes, Read more >

Art Galleries at Evansville’s Universities Are a Must-See for Any Art Fan

Man, Evansville has some beautiful art! I’ve gone to countless galleries, exhibits, and museums over the years. A lot of times, the art just starts to run together in one big blur. To answer the art gripers, yes, I do Read more >

Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science

I think the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science is one of the most impressive museums I’ve ever had a chance to visit, and I’ve visited a lot of museums. Sure, there are bigger museums, like Chicago or Indianapolis, Read more >

17th Annual Stutz Artists Open House April 23 and 24

The 17th Annual Stutz Artists Open House will arrive soon, and Indianapolis art aficionados are all aquiver with artful anticipation. (Yeah, that’s right. I went for the easy alliteration.) There are more than 70 local artists who have been putting Read more >