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Bloomington, Indiana Travel Trip, Day 2

With a long Day 1 behind us (see Bloomington, Indiana Travel Trip, Day 1), Ben and I woke up fairly early on Sunday. “Fairly” being 8:30, which is way too early for a weekend vacation. But we only had a Read more >

Black, White and Warhol

Artist Andy Warhol is known the world over for his iconic pop-art paintings. He may be less recognized, however, for his prolific contributions to the world of black-and-white photography. Beginning March 5 and continuing through May 8, more than 150 Read more >

Lazy Saturday: Getting Cultured at the IMA

Saturday is the reward for a week full of hard work and stress. Its a time to spend with your family, your friends, or by yourself. What I hate more than anything is a wasted Saturday. If I do nothing, Read more >