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Paramount Theatre


Several years ago I was invited to a wedding at the Paramount Theatre in Anderson. I couldn’t attend and ever since then I’ve wanted to visit the theatre. Last month I had that opportunity and was blown away. I knew Read more >

Going to the Theat-ah in Downtown Indianapolis

After a recent trip to downtown Indianapolis with my 12-year-old daughter, and a chance to see “The Lyons” with her at the Phoenix Theatre, she asked me about the different theatres around Indianapolis. And she pronounced it with the British Read more >

Downtown Indianapolis, Day 1

One of the things I like doing as an Indianapolis-area resident is to experience the city as a visitor sometimes. For years, when I lived in northern Indiana, I used to come to Indianapolis for work, and wonder what it Read more >

Peewinkles Puppet Studio


Last fall a friend told me about Peewinkles Puppet Studio. A small, local theater that puts on puppet shows for kids. Since then, Maggie and I have seen two shows there and already have tickets for a spring show.  When Read more >