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Family Fun and Education Indiana Private College Week

This guest blog was submitted by Caroline McCaulay, Strategic Communications intern for the Independent Colleges of Indiana.†

Who said college visits canít be fun for the whole family?


Make a vacation out of your visits this summer during Private College Week. From July 20th-24th, each one of Indianaís 31 private colleges and universities is opening its campus to visitors. You can catch an information session, join a tour of historical buildings, and get to know how you might fit into the picture.


Summer might mean school is out, but youíll find that doesnít mean college campuses shut down. Sit out on the quad, investigate classrooms, and donít be afraid to ask around for a good lunch recommendation. Itís an easy way to get to know student and staff favorites; trust us: all campuses have a favorite place to eat, rich with tradition.


Donít limit yourself to just a campus visit. Check out the college hometown to get a feel for the local climate. Generations of students have passed through these towns and left their mark, but itís not just about the college Ė every Indiana town has its own unique personality that makes it worth the visit.


Planning a visit to Oakland City University and the University of Evansville? Head into the heart of Evansville to see a show at Koch Planetarium. Itís Indianaís first planetarium Ė and this summer theyíre playing interactive rock shows on the dome.


Heading down to Hanover College? You canít miss the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. Youíll get to see Monarch butterflies returning to their summer homes in Indianaís largest wildlife refuge.


Caught between the historic rivalry of DePauw University and Wabash College? Take a break from stories about the elusive Monon Bell and visit the beautiful scenery of Cataract Falls in Cloverdale. You wonít want to forget a camera.


No matter which direction you head this July, youíll find an open ICI campus ready to welcome you and your family.


Private College Week is sponsored by the Independent Colleges of Indiana, headquartered in Indianapolis. You can find out more about this event, see schedules for individual campuses, and find out how your attendance could win you an iPad Mini or Microsoft Surface at

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