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One-Of-A-Kind Finds in Hendricks County

Thanksgiving is officially over and it is definitely time to start Christmas shopping. You can scour the ads, check your list twice and even be the most organized person you know and STILL be at a loss for that perfect gift. I have the perfect answer for you.

Visit Hendricks County has taken all of the work out of gift selecting and organized it into one neat little package just for you. It is perfect. Why? Because their staff has searched the entire county and found 40 unique gifts for men, women, kids and teens. And not only does the list contain gifts (toys, jewelry, clothing, artist creations), but experiences as well. All with the twist of being unique to Hendricks County.

There are kid ideas …

Promise Monster from Wilbur’s Lincolnwood Toy Store

Adult ideas …

Hot Blown Glass Ornament from Gizmo’s Gallery

And even a teen section that focuses on experiences that are sure to engage that hard to please age group!

Once you visit their One-Of-A-Kind Find website, you have the choice to select who you are shopping for and BAM a list pops up. Then you can click to learn more about that item and see where you can purchase it. Doesn’t get much easier.

So a big shout out to Visit Hendricks County. They are certainly making my shopping easier this year!

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