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Finch’s Brasserie

If you’ve ever visited Bloomington, then you know they have many, many wonderful restaurants. Upon a friend’s request awhile back we ended up at Finch’s Brasserie. Located right on Kirkwood Avenue and literally a stone’s throw from historic Sample Gates on IU’s campus, their location is wonderful. We had just spent the afternoon strolling around the shops and walked ourselves right in.

Finch’s specializes in farm to table which in a nutshell means they incorporate local, fresh ingredients in their menu. And it was delicious. We spent quite a bit of time deliberating over what items we were going to get. It was difficult decision. We opted for the crab cakes for starters. Melt in your mouth good. And then our entree … these bad boys …One was “The Roman” – sausage, smoking goose bacon, tomato sauce and mozzarella. The other was the pie of the night and while I can’t remember the name it had white sauce, several cheeses and didn’t last long. 🙂

AND Finch’s also has over 60 wines and close to 90 artisan beers to compliment your dinner. Score.

Note to self: the menu changes seasonally which basically means I have to go at least four times a year to make sure I’m getting the full experience!

I know the restaurant choices are unlimited in Bloomington, but do yourself a favor and eat at Finch’s Brasserie. You won’t be sorry.

And for more Bloomington hot spots, be sure to visit their website for hotels, attractions and more!

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