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Children’s Museum – Geckos and More!

I just made my second trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum in the last six days. I’m tired. Seriously, I’m tired. But it was worth it. You really you need to check out the Geckos. If you catch them at the right time, they may even have one out of its cage that you can pet. And little ones get the chance to act like they are a gecko. You can see that Maggie thoroughly enjoyed pretending she was one!Be sure to visit soon since the Geckos exhibit is only there through May 15. Which brings me to their other “seasonal” exhibits which will end before school is out:

  • Superheros – through May 5
  • Hot Wheels – For Real – through May 27

If you happen to visit after the end of May, have no fear, you can’t go wrong with these permanent exhibits.

The carousel is a must stop each time we visit. Members ride for free. Other guests pay $1 per ride.

Mr. Bear’s Playhouse is currently taking the place of Playscape which is undergoing renovation. The activities in here do change periodically. Designed for ages 5 and under.Treasures of the Earth was a new exhibit just a few years ago. Kids can pretend to be divers, go to a dig site and put together a broken warrior!

And a few insider tips for you.

  • Check out theater shows when you arrive. We saw the Tortoise and the Hare this week. Well worth our time and a nice break to sit for 30 minutes for the adults!
  • On your way out, stop by the InfoZone (located at the top of the ramp to the parking garage). A branch of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, it offers a great experience with wonderful computer games, a fun green screen and topical books to read on the exhibits you just visited. I use it as a tempting tool to leave the museum. Mag loves spending time in there … even if you don’t get books to take home.
  • Save a little cash and pack a lunch. Of course there are plenty of dining options on site, but food is welcome inside the museum.

More information on current exhibits, upcoming exhibits and more available on their website.

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