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Homemade Root Beer, Tenderloins and an Old Style Drive In ….

Put them together and what do you get: Mug-n-Bun. A drive-in that has been in Indianapolis for over 50 years serving up great food. I can’t claim to have found this one on my own. One of my sisters (who is as die hard as I am about tenderloins) informed me of this gem when she lived in the city. It was one of her favorite spots and a now frequent stop when she comes back to town. Food is so hard to describe in the writing medium, but it’s safe to say that they have one of the best tenderloins I’ve had. Note: I like mine thin and Mug-n-Bun does not disappoint. Add that to some of their hand-dipped onion rings and wash it down with their signature root beer … oh yeah … delicious. Once I find something I like, I stick with it, so I rarely order anything else, but they have many other food offerings and you can check them out here. Located on the west side of town, you have the option to either dine in your car (old school style) or enjoy their outdoor picnic area on a warmer day. (They do have heaters for the chillier temps!)

I know for sure this spring I will be heading back. My sister is in the market for some of their root beer glasses with their logo on them. 🙂 As if the plastic to go cups we all have aren’t enough!

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