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Peewinkles Puppet Studio

Last fall a friend told me about Peewinkles Puppet Studio. A small, local theater that puts on puppet shows for kids. Since then, Maggie and I have seen two shows there and already have tickets for a spring show.  When I tell you it is a small theater … trust me … it is. Here we are in the second of about eight rows waiting for the show to start. The size truly adds to the charm!

So far we have seen Goldilocks and The Three Bears and their Christmas special in December. Soon we will see Sleeping Beauty.

There are several things I love about Peewinkles:

  • Family owned … there are three generations of puppeteers and their love for the craft is apparent.
  • Free popcorn! Who doesn’t love a snack during a show!
  • Family-Friendly – obviously their shows are geared to kids (although they do have an adult cabaret coming up in June) and everyone is dealing with the same small person that wants to get up, walk around, touch the puppets, eat each other people’s popcorn … you get the drift. And Peewinkles does a great job with keeping them entertained for the whole time – which is about 30-45 minutes depending on the show.
  • Interactive! Again a huge plus if you have little ones. They often bring the puppets into the audience for the kids to see up close and even at the Christmas show they invited the kids up on stage to “perform.”
  • Reasonable tickets – $8-$10 adult or child (depending on the show) AND if you go to the noon performance there is an optional craft afterwards for a mere $3. In the fall we stayed after and the kids got to go up on stage to show off their handmade puppet!

Located right in downtown Indy, but hidden a bit, it is the perfect way to get out … especially when the weather is not so great. And if you are interested, they offer day camps, educational programs and workshops.

Check out their schedule, ticket prices and contact info which is all available on their website.

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