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The Potter’s Bench in Peru, Indiana

The Potter's Bench in Peru, Indiana: Ryan Preston at Work

The Potter’s Bench in Peru, Indiana: Ryan Preston at Work

You may not associate the terms “artsy” and “cultured” with small towns – but one look at The Potter’s Bench in Peru may change your mind! It’s an art gallery and studio all rolled into one!

Nope, no passports needed for this one. The Potter’s Bench is in Peru, Indiana.

The Potter’s Bench

When little Indiana and family rolled through, we managed to catch two resident potters in action: Ryan Preston and Lindsay (Hitchings) Preston.

They have created works for sale here at The Potter’s Bench and it was amazing to see them in action! As local art teachers, it was pretty obvious that they live and breathe creativity.

In fact, I was able to get it all on camera. Yes, this would be before I fine-tuned my camera skills for my little Indiana segments on PBS. Ahem. Even so, I think you can see just how passionate these small town artists are about their work. And rightly so!

Indiana Potters

The Potter's Bench in Peru, Indiana:Lindsey (Hitchings) Preston at Work

The Potter’s Bench in Peru, Indiana:Lindsey (Hitchings) Preston at Work

Anyone can buy something off of a shelf, but when you buy something handmade or from a potter’s wheel…it’s a whole different experience.

It’s one of a kind and kind of personal. These artists put their soul into each and every item that they create. And it shows. No two pieces are ever exactly alike.

As a gift or to decorate your own home, you can choose work from Indiana artists and support local shops. Here at The Potter’s Bench, although the name might suggest otherwise, you can find art, jewelry, and then some.

It’s a gift-buying and home decorating extravaganza! Find it right here in Peru. Small towns. destinations: not drive-thrus.

Watch little Indiana at The Potter’s Bench on YouTube.

The Potter’s Bench
25 W 3rd Street
Peru, Indiana 46970

Special thanks to Ryan and Lindsey (Hitchings) Preston for taking time out of their day (and their pottery-making) to share with us a bit about what they do!

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