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Great Gourmet at Bonge’s Tavern

Bonge's Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana

Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana

Nothing says “love” better than a really good meal! Or is that just me?

The menu may be short and sweet, but folks still line up at Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana.

Duck is on the Menu at Bonge’s Tavern

Where is Perkinsville? Well, it’s a very small town of less than 150 folks. It’s just north of Noblesville and is THE place to go for really good food.

Look for the small sign leading the way. Down a wooded road you will find an amazing 1830’s hardware store turned hopping adults-only (21 and older) restaurant!

Beautifully updated and with loads of atmosphere, whenever you can make reservations in advance…it’s very highly recommended, especially on the weekend!

You would think that a restaurant located rather out in such a small town wouldn’t need a reservation, but the word of fantastic food travels far. But most folks don’t get in a tizzy about it–during the warmer months of Summer, they tailgate.

Gourmet in a Small Town

little Indiana at Bonge's Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana

little Indiana at Bonge’s Tavern in Perkinsville, Indiana

The father and daughter chef team certainly cook up amazing (and pretty) food. Course after course exceeded all of my expectations.

We started with Bonge’s Tavern’s world-famous Tomato Soup, a side of Jalapeno Corn Bread, and Crab Cakes. Hey, it’s research! We are very thorough.

My husband, Jeremy, ordered the pork tenderloin because, well, this is Indiana! I, on the other hand, had to get the Harger Duck. Everything was incredible! We couldn’t believe it.

While we didn’t think we had room for dessert, when something like Sugar Cream Cake with Blueberry Topping is on the menu, it’s kind of impossible to pass it up!

Eating Fine in Indiana

Bongie’s Tavern may have began as a local favorite, but they’ve definitely made their mark!

Special occasion dinners, celebrations, or just because–there’s always a good reason to head to this gleaming tavern.

Bongie’s Tavern
9830 West 280 North
Perkinsville, Indiana 46011

Small towns. Destinations, not drive-thrus.

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