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The Beef House

Years ago my parents told us all about The Beef House. They loved it. They loved the steaks, the rolls, the salad bar … you get the picture. Now that I’m in Indy and they are in Central Illinois, it frequently becomes a meeting place since it is in Covington just off of I-74 and right at the Indiana/Illinois border.

Probably part of the reason they have been voted Indiana’s Best Steak House (and one of the best things about The Beef House) is the ability to actually choose your own slab of meet.

Yep … a counter, right where you come in to entice your taste buds and get you ready for a delicious meal! Each steak is cooked on an open hearth charcoal broiler that is in plain view so you can see your food before, during and of course after cooking.

Each dinner comes with soup, salad bar, vegetable, homemade rolls, and a drink. Can’t beat that. And I’d be remiss not to say a few words about their yummy homemade yeast rolls (with apple butter to boot!). They consider them “famous,” which may be the case since you can even sell them for fundraisers … no lie. And I don’t have a picture of them because well … they don’t last long honestly. 🙂

If you’re along I-74 and need to make a stop, you’ve found your destination – Exit 4, The Beef House. And if you are lucky enough, you may even get your picture next to the large cow’s head!

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