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It’s a Gaggle of Geckos at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

It’s not an insurance commercial, it’s real-live geckos at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

From February 2 – May 15, 2013, the Museum will play host to a gaggle of geckos as part of a traveling exhibit. And although they don’t do it with an English accent — seriously, it’s English. The commercial they did where someone thought he was Australian? Come on! — these geckos can communicate. They sing, chirp, hiss, and even bark.

If you ask nicely, they may also provide you with a car insurance quote.

According to the Children’s Museum, they will have 15 different species from around the world in habitats similar to their own natural environments — rock ledges, plants, and waterfalls. There will also be frequent feedings that you can watch.

You can’t have a Children’s Museum exhibit without making it interactive though. Kids will get a chance to wear night-vision goggles to “see like a gecko” and put on sticky booties and gloves to learn what it’s like to “get around like a gecko.”

And if you can’t get to the geckos right away, or just can’t get enough of them, you can stream the geckos live feeding every 15 minutes at

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