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Nouvelle Annee at Fort Wayne’s Old Fort, January 26, 2013

Nouvelle Annee 2012

Nouvelle Annee 2012 at the Old Fort

It’s Nouvelle Annee New Year with the French of Fort Miamies at Old Fort Park. You can relive the French military experience in 1753 Indiana. Meet French soldiers, civilians, and local Native Americans, who will recreate daily life at a Fort on the wild frontier of Indiana. Watch mail call, military drills, help scout the area, and watch frontier cooking and sewing during the cold January event.

If you think you’re going to be cold on this January afternoon, just remember that the soldiers in 1753 didn’t have warm mini-vans and SUVs to pile into at the end of the day.

Anyone who is a veteran of military re-enactment certainly knows what to expect. But while many of us are used to Civil War re-enactment, this is taking place over 100 years earlier in 1753, when they didn’t have all those “modern technologies” of the 1860s.

There is no admission charge and anyone can attend. For more information, call 260-437-2836, or visit

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