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5 More Indiana Places Where I’d Like to Be Snowed In

It was almost two years ago that I sat stuck in my house courtesy of a big winter storm, thinking of five Indiana places where I wouldn’t mind being snowed in. Now, another big storm has begun (the weather folks are using the “b” word), and I’ve come up with five more places that would make the mandatory house arrest a little easier to take.

The toboggan run at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN

1. Pokagon State Park and Toboggan Run – This state park in Angola, Indiana offers the best of both worlds in a winter storm. The Potawatomi Inn has several lounge areas with cozy fireplaces just waiting for you and your favorite book, as well as an indoor pool. When the temptation of all that crisp white snow is too much, head out to the quarter-mile long toboggan run. Other winter-ready outdoor activities include cross-country skiing and ice skating.

2. The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library – If tracing your roots is something you like to do, the idle hours created by a big snowstorm would be well spent in Fort Wayne at one of the countries most renowned places for genealogy research.

3. Indiana Amish Country – If the power is going to get knocked out because of a snowstorm, why not hang out where people are used to living happily without electricity all the time? Ok, to be sure, while Indiana Amish families do largely live without electricity, there are plenty of places that offer a flavor of Amish life along with the creature comforts the rest of us are used to enjoying. I think I’d choose one of several bed-and-breakfasts to ride out the storm.

4. The Indiana State Museum – Located in White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, this is one of those places where it seems there is always more to see. Even if you’ve already been through the permanent collection, which offers insights into Indiana’s past from geographical, political, economic and cultural perspectives, there are always new limited-time engagements to check out. Don’t miss “Nikon Small World” before it ends in February. The exhibit showcases photos taken through the lens of a microscope, revealing beautiful details of things too small to be seen with the naked eye. For an additional, fee you can explore the man turned legend at “Eternal James Dean.” Plus, the museum’s large north-facing wall of glass would offer a terrific, but safe inside, view of snow falling on the White River canal.

The Harmonist Labyrinth in the snow. Photo courtesy of New Harmony Town Government.

5. New Harmony, Indiana – Founded as a spiritual sanctuary in the early 1800s, today New Harmony is a favorite of those who seek a combination of tranquility and creativity. Just imagine, a walk through one of the town’s two labyrinths as the snow quietly and gently falls around you…sounds perfect after the craziness of the Christmas holidays, doesn’t it? And if the labyrinths are too snow-covered to find, I would stroll through the shops and art galleries, finishing the day with dinner at the Red Geranium.

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