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The Travel Channel Comes to Santa Claus (Indiana)

Santa Claus Fire Cheif

Santa Claus Fire Chief

Many towns celebrate the season of Christmas but not many keep the magical spirit all year long like Santa Claus, Indiana. When December rolls around, you can bet that a town named Santa Claus is certainly prepared to welcome thousands of visitors who come from near and far to experience America’s Christmas Hometown.

The town received a special gift this year – a visit from the Travel Channel!

A crew came to town to capture the magic of what makes Santa Claus, Indiana, the best place to visit for the holidays. This town has the only post office in the world with Santa’s name, Christmas-themed businesses decorated 365 days a year, streets named after the holidays, and where the Christmas spirit lives year-round. Their visit gave us the opportunity to show what makes the town shine even brighter during the Christmas season on national TV.



While at Santa’s Candy Castle, the Travel Channel crew witnessed the international fruitcake-eating contest and chatted with a nationally known, local chainsaw artist. At the Santa Claus Museum & Village, they viewed the 22-foot historic Santa statue and got a sneak peak at Santa’s Elves responding to the thousands of letters sent to Santa Claus.

The Travel Channel toured the new Santa Claus Volunteer Fire Department Station and interviewed the chief about the fire trucks named after some special Christmas characters like Rudolph and Dasher.

The crew even visited a few Christmas Lake Village residents in their homes, to capture what it’s like to live in a town named Santa Claus and on streets like Candy Cane Lane and Snowbell Drive. Residents joked about how telling someone they’re from a town called Santa Claus sometimes requires pulling out their driver’s license to prove it!

Historic Santa Statue in Santa Claus, IN

Historic Santa Statue in Santa Claus, IN

What would a visit to Santa Claus, Indiana, be without chatting with Santa himself? The crew was able to catch Santa right after the annual Christmas parade and, luckily, it seems as though they all made the nice list this year.

“Christmas Showdown” is the new special set to air in 2013 that will feature Santa Claus, Indiana, along with another Christmassy town in the U.S. to let viewers choose which town is best for the holidays.

We know which town gets our vote!

Melissa BrockmanMelissa Brockman is the executive director at the Spencer County Visitors Bureau and loves celebrating Christmas 365 days a year in Santa Claus, Indiana. Merry Christmas from America’s Christmas Hometown!

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