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Crackers Comedy Club: A Laughing Good Time

Crackers Comedy club in Broad Ripple is the first comedy club I have ever stepped foot inside. Itís a hidden gem of Broad Ripple and something that every Hoosier should have the chance to experience.

Crackers Comedy CLub

The inside of Crackers Comedy Club. Photo courtesy of Delta Sky Magazine.

Crackers Comedy Club

A comedian takes the mic at Crackers Comedy Club. Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Business Journal.

The show that I watched consisted of three comedians, all of which had very unique styles. The first comedian was actually the owner of Crackers. He did a great job warming the crowd up and had a very unique (and hopefully sarcastic) bit about using drugs in social situations. The second act was a woman who was fairly well known and had been feature on many comedy shows. Her humor was raunchy and made many feel uncomfortable. The final act was well worth the price of admission. He incorporated the crowd and used bits about the city of Indianapolis.

Overall, I really enjoyed Crackers Comedy Club. All those who sit on the floor are required to order a minimum of two drinks. I thought this was strange but the drinks are not overpriced and there is plenty to choose from. The waitresses were all very nice and the venue was unique and clean. Itís very big but since the lights are off it feels smaller than it really is.

Iím looking forward to visiting Crackers Comedy Club again.

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