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An Honorary Hoosier Upbringing

My family at one of the last Colts games at the RCA Dome

My family at one of the last Colts games at the RCA Dome

Growing up, my†dad was always talking about Indiana. Whether†it was talking about growing up in Indianapolis or attending Ball State University, he always had a story to tell. His Hoosier pride made me want to be a part of this great state and is part of the reason Iím finishing up my senior year at Butler University this year, but it was long before my time at Butler that I became an ďHonorary Hoosier.Ē

In a city divided between Packers and Bears fans, he would tell anyone who would listen that he raised me ďthe right way.Ē We were Colts fans, and I was diehard from the start. So much so that when the Colts beat the Bears in the 2007 Super Bowl, I was given the silent treatment at school the next day, and I loved it!

When basketball season started, it wasnít the Chicago Bulls I was cheering for. It was the Pacers, specifically Hall of Fame guard, Reggie Miller. His love for trash talking on the court may or may not have influenced my playing style.

My brother, Ben, and I at the 2010 Final FourWhen it came time to pick a college, my dad suggested I take a look at Butler University, a school with a great basketball tradition and an academic program that matched my interests. I doubt I would have ended up here if he hadnít suggested it, and Iíll never be able to thank him enough. Butler has not only given me an education and training for my future career, but it has also given me opportunities to fall in love with Indiana.

From experiencing two Final Fours and a Super Bowl to seeing community festivals come to life throughout the year, Iíve embraced Indiana.

But what Iíve found is that Indiana has embraced me so much more.

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