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Evansville’s Back Road Hornville Tavern

Imagine, itís a Wednesday evening and your family has just started to unwind from a busy hump day. There is no way food is going to be made in that kitchen of yours so you aim for Plan B, eating out. Hoping the kids donít beg for pizza, you head down the back roads of Evansville, Indiana to a small hole in the wall called Hornville Tavern. With a different special every night of the week, you know your family is in store for a great home cooked meal.

Located on the far north side of Evansville, Hornville Tavern offers a menu full of exceptional selections ranging from breaded mushrooms to ham and cheese hoagies, to a half smoked chicken dinner. On Wednesday evenings, at least twice a year, my family and I make the drive to the outskirts of Evansville to enjoy their evening special, a half smoked chicken served with green beans, baked potato and beer bread. The smoked chicken is mouthwatering and falls right off the bone, the green beans are flavored with smoked bacon, the baked potatoes are drenched in melted butter and sour cream, and the beer bread is dense and fried in butter. The beauty in this special is that not only is it delicious, but it is also a mere $7.50.

Hornville Tavern's Wednesday Night Special

Hornville Tavern’s Wednesday Night Special via Yelp

Not only is Hornville Tavernís food a hit, but the atmosphere and employees bring the eating out experience to another level. Surrounded by cornfields and positioned on a small pond add to its simple, downhome, country cooking. Also, the employees are remarkably friendly and are always willing to suggest their favorite items on the menu and desired beer on draft. The ice cold fish bowl is a popular seller among the beer lovers because not only is it ice cold, itís cheap!

Hornville Tavern's Bar

Hornville Tavern’s Bar via UrbanSpoon

For more information, store hours, and links to their menu and lunch and dinner specials, visit Hornville Tavern online.

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