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Family Favorite Frozen Yogurt

My name is Katy Schrage and I am majoring in Organizational Communication and Leadership with a double minor in Strategic Communication and French at Butler University. I have lived all over the Midwest but went to high school in South Bend, Indiana, where my family lived for five years. It is very rare to find every member of my family in the same place at the same time, but a local frozen yogurt shop became a late night tradition for us

Letís Spoon Frozen Yogurt†opened in South Bend a few years ago just a few blocks from Notre Dame University. While it has only been open for a few years, it has become a wildly popular destination, creating lines out the door on a nightly basis. There are a variety of different choices of flavors and toppings including over 50 yogurt flavors. The flavors are rotated depending on the time of year and what the customers are suggesting. Whether I am craving rich chocolate or tangy sweetness, Letís Spoon†has what I want. All of the frozen yogurt flavors are low calorie and low fat. The list of†flavors and toppings†goes on and on.

Vanilla and Stawberry Froyo

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My favorite part about this”froyo” shop is the variety of different concoctions I can make each time. Everyone in my family has a different preference when it comes to dessert. I love the tart flavored frozen yogurt with lots of fresh fruit and sour candy. I cannot deny my sweet tooth all that sugary goodness. My dad, on the other hand, is a strict vanilla and coconut guy. We can both satisfy our late night cravings at Letís Spoon. Some of my favorite summer and fall memories are with my family, reconnecting after a long day, eating a bowl of frozen yogurt. I cannot wait to try the new pumpkin flavor with pie crust topping when I go home for a visit in a few weeks.

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