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A Night with Friends on the Indy Brew Bus and the Nestle Inn

One of my favorite episodes of the show Friends was always the Thanksgiving episode. While we traditionally think of this as a family-oriented holiday, I loved that they had their own “Friendsgiving” celebration. Maybe it had more to do with the fact that all the characters came from disfunctional families, but it sure made for some funny television.

Afterall, celebrating the holidays isn’t just about time with family. It extends well into our social circle as well. It’s that time of year when friends plan special annual gatherings, perhaps this being the only time of year they get together. So if you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy each other’s company, consider booking a ride on the Indy Brew Bus.

This shuttle takes you to at least three of the craft breweries in Indianapolis. You’ll spend about 45 minutes at each spot sampling and you can even purchase a growler of your favorite (they’ll keep it cold for you on the bus). A scorecard will help you keep track of what you’ve tried. (Who could blame you if that gets a little fuzzy toward the end of the tour?) Cost is $30 per person for groups of up to 14.

The service is offered Thursday through Sunday. A calendar of availability is available here. They’ll pick you up or drop you off wherever you’d like in the downtown area. After all that beer, I recommend getting a room and making a night of it.

One suggestion: The Nestle Inn.  This is a charming bed and breakfast just a block off Mass Ave. So you’re within a quick walk to all the nightlife in that area. With just five rooms, you could gather a few other couples and rent the entire inn for your special night on the town. I did just that a few weeks ago when my college girlfriends and I celebrated our 10 year reunion. It was great to have the whole place to ourselves and not worry about disturbing other customers when we came rolling in well past my usual bedtime.

A hearty, homemade breakfast the next morning with lots of laughs recalling our adventures from the night before was the perfect ending to a great weekend away.

So instead of gathering around someone’s living room for the usual pitch-in meal, create your own Friendsgiving episode this year living it up in downtown Indy.

Photo by Nicole Wiltrout.


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