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The Observatory on the Campus of Butler University

The Observatory on the Campus of Butler University

My name is Hannah Johnson. I am currently a junior at Butler University†majoring in Strategic Communications. Iíve lived in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life so Iím going to be experiencing new things right along with everyone throughout my blogs. I fell in love with the Butler campus so quickly and Iím already falling for Indiana with just the small glimpse Iíve seen so far.

Iím taking a Hospitality and Tourism class at Butler which gave me my first visit to downtown Indianapolis working with Visit Indy to help with the 2012 convention for the Society of American Travel Writers. I had a lot of fun and it made me really excited about all the other places and events to experience and gain knowledge about here in Indiana. I have also started volunteering with the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Center so just driving through the city of Indianapolis to get there strikes up so much interest.

My family loves going out to eat; any excuses we get or can make up we dine out! So Iím really looking forward to discovering all the great restaurants here in Indiana from dive places with a great burger to a more upscale setting.

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