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Epworth Forest – Northern Indiana’s Hidden Jewel

One of my favorite places to be in the summer is even more beautiful in the fall. Epworth Forest Conference Center in North Webster, Indiana, is a conference center that houses numerous camps in the summer and is utilized as a retreat center in the fall and winter. North Webster is roughly 45 minutes to an hour from Fort Wayne and an hour and fifteen minutes from South Bend. The auditorium was built in 1924, and the first Institute was held. Throughout the years, more and more buildings, mainly lodges, were built to meet the needs of the rising numbers of campers each year.† Today, there are 14 lodges that are available for campers or retreaters to stay in.†Epworth Forest also offers hotel rooms in Freeland House. Freeland has 24 rooms, either equipped with one twin bed, two twin beds, or one double bed. Any of the lodges or rooms in Freeland House can be booked, so if youíre interested in staying at Epworth Forest, you can call the Guest Relations Staff at 866-271-2468 or make reservations online.

For five years, I went to Epworth Forest for its senior high church camp, That Thing, and for the past two years, Iíve worked on the summer staff in the auditorium. This past weekend, I helped my boss for That Thing move up to Epworth Forest, and while on a little break from moving everything, I got to walk around the site a little bit. I was completely amazed at how beautiful Epworth is in the fall. I didnít think it was possible for my favorite place to get more beautiful, but I was definitely proven wrong. Because I love this place so much, my one wish is to show everyone I know this wonderful place, whether theyíre religious or not. While Epworth Forest is mainly used as a church camp site, this place, in my opinion, is just too great to be keeping a secret. So, if youíre looking for the next place to hold an upcoming family reunion or get-together, you should definitely look into visiting Epworth Forest.

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