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Tour Stop in Lockerbie at the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home

Tour stop in Lockerbie at the James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home.

What “rapper” lived in Lockerbie? What was in the middle of Monument Circle before the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument? And why is College Avenue called that anyway? You can learn the answer to these questions and much more while enjoying beautiful Indianapolis scenery during a tour with ActiveIndy Tours.

One fine fall day I was able to tag along for one of ActiveIndy’s downtown tours. They offer a new twist on the traditional city tour by providing walking, biking and even running options. The tour I picked happened to be via bike. I brought my own, but stylish rentals are available from the Indy Bike Hub right next to City Market where the tours begin. I was slightly worried that I may not be cut out for a bike tour, but when the guide Nathan greeted the group, he reassured us that the majority of tour participants are just casual riders. Soon we were all confidently pedaling away on the shiny, new Cultural Trail in search of Indy’s hidden historical gems.

Learning about the Monument

Learning about the Monument from our guide Nathan

This particular tour focused on the downtown cultural districts and historic neighborhoods. Our group paused at Indy’s iconic spots like the Old Northside, Lockerbie, Monument Circle and the Central Canal. Nathan was great at describing the history and little known facts about each point of interest while still connecting it to Indy’s present. Best of all, in between learning about the city I got to enjoy a little exercise on my bike! The tour was a great way to learn about the history and culture of Indianapolis in a fun and active way. Whether you are visiting or live here, you’re definitely going to learn something about Indianapolis that you didn’t know before- I know I did!

Stopping on the Canal

Pausing on the Canal to learn about the Central Canal and the USS Indianapolis

For more information about ActiveIndy Tours and what they offer, visit their website. Or check out their Facebook page where you’ll see quite a few tour photos including tour I was on! ActiveIndy does offer tours all year long, although they are offered with more frequency during the spring, summer & fall between March & November.

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