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Ft. Wayne has its own Willy Wonka Factory–DeBrand Fine Chocolates!

Pembertons Shoes, custom designed canvas shoes

Hello! My name is Haley Deiser and I am a senior public relations and advertising major at Butler University. I am a creative thinker, ad nerd, avid doodler, chocolate-aholic, and natural red head. You can find me most days rising with the sun because I like to live each†day to the fullest. Most nights you can find me working on my custom shoe design business, Pembertons Shoes. I take white canvas†shoes and use permanent sharpie markers to create unique pairs of custom shoes for people of all ages. Iíve been designing shoes for about 4 years now and I am currently working on a website. I live for the moment when†inspiration strikes. It keeps me going at school and more importantly throughout life. As I embark on my senior year of college, I have come to the conclusion that some people go through life with the sole intention to have fun. Fun is fun, but it’s not enough for me. It’s never been enough for me.†I want to make it count.†All of it. Every LAST second.

DeBrand’s Classic Chocolate Box Treats

Iím originally from Ft. Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana, but I have been living in Indianapolis for the past 4 years while attending Butler University. Indianapolis has opened my eyes to so much! I love living in this city; however there is one place that Ft. Wayne has that Indy does not and that is DeBrand Fine Chocolates.†I am huge chocolate lover! I canít resist a great sweet treat. One my favorite places to go in Ft. Wayne is DeBrand’s.

Chocolate Specialties

Every year right around Christmas time, my family and I take a trip to DeBrandís and order some of the best chocolate. The pieces melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. From carmel apples, to chocolate covered waffles, and even cakes. Today DeBrandís has 3 different chocolate shop locations in Ft. Wayne and a mail order department that ships chocolates all across the world. Customers can schedule tours of the chocolate shops and see how the all the heavenly sweets are made from start to finish. My favorite store location is the one on Auburn Road because it reminds me of Willy Wonkaís Chocolate Factory. The building is so beautiful†and has huge double doors. When I first stepped inside the Auburn Road DeBrand’s location, I thought I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! There were fancy chandeliers and chocolate treats everywhere I looked. I felt like I had died and gone to chocolate heaven.

If youíre ever in Ft. Wayne donít forget to stop by DeBrandís and grab some delicious chocolate treats!†Come on, one piece wonít kill your diet. Eat the chocolate. Make it count.

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