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Santa Claus for President

Tonight is Presidential Debate Night in America. (Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “Football Night in America,” does it?) Unfortunately, one potentially popular candidate was not invited to participate.

Santa Claus.

What? You didn’t know Santa was running for the nation’s highest office? Well, I just found out myself last weekend while on a trip to Santa Claus, Indiana, sponsored by the Spencer County Convention & Visitors Bureau. While visiting the Santa Claus Museum, I came across this t-shirt for sale:

Believe! Santa Claus for President

Mind you, Santa isn’t just resting on his popularity among the junior set to win votes. Rather, the back of the shirt details his campaign promises:

  1. Always be jolly
  2. Monitor naughty or nice
  3. Elf job security
  4. Special treats for reindeer
  5. Keep the Christmas spirit all year
  6. Will answer all letters

If you go to the Santa Claus museum to get your own Santa for President shirt, be sure to take time to write your letter to him while you are there. If you clearly provide your name and return address, Santa will keep campaign promise #6 in time for Christmas. Once your letter is written, drop it in the special mailbox, jingle the bells to let the elves know there is mail to be picked up and go about trying to stay on the nice list.





The Santa Claus Museum is free and open on weekends:

Fridays -9 am to 4 pm CDT
Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm CDT
Sundays 10 am to 4 pm CDT

When it’s not working to get Santa elected as Chief Elf of the United States, the museum exists to share the history of the town of Santa Claus, Indiana and contains memorabilia from the community’s earliest days. It is also the site of an 1880 Santa Claus, Indiana church and a 1935 Santa Claus statue, recently restored. The original Santa Claus Post Office is on the grounds and is scheduled for restoration soon.

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