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Gen Con Indy 2012 – August 16 – 19, Downtown Indianapolis

If you’re a fan of games, gaming, and meeting your fellow gaming enthusiasts, or you just want to see a bunch of people walking around in costumes, you need to visit Gen Con Indy, August 16 19, 2012, at the Indianapolis Convention Center.Gen Con Indy attendees lining up to get into the exhibit hall.

Gen Con is a consumer and trade show strictly dedicated to gaming culture and community. Whether it’s online gaming, adventure gaming, or even the traditional role playing Dungeons & Dragons type of gaming, there’s something for everyone. I was a D&D player when I was in high school, but that was back in the day when we really did need swords to fight off dragons just to get to school each day.

Billed as “The Best Four Days in Gaming,” Gen Con is in its 45th year, offering tournaments, trade show booths, games, workshops, seminars, art shows, and auctions, as well as celebrity sightings and cosplay photography (cosplay is when dedicated fans dress up in very authentic and detailed costumes and pose for photos; it’s considered rude to photograph the cosplay models outside the photography area).

Gen Con Indy cosplay models

Gen Con is one of the biggest conventions we see here in Indianapolis, as they expect more than 36,000 consumer and professional attendees throughout the convention (that’s over 120,000 turnstile turns over the 4 day period if you’re a downtown restaurant, you want to get a piece of that action!). It appeals to every kind of gamer and hobby gaming enthusiast, with the exception of sports and gambling.

Gen Con is also the place where new games and products are launched, and games manufacturers hold tournaments where thousands of dollars can be won. It’s all about marketing for these manufacturers, but it’s all about the love of the game for the attendees.

Basically, if you can shoot it, roll it, watch it, draw it, or dress up in it, Gen Con Indy is the place where you want to be. And as we enter the Age of the Geek, and it’s now cool to be a nerd (“said the nerd”), Gen Con Indy is going to continue to be an exciting place for anyone and everyone to be.

For more information, and to register to attend, go to the Gen Con Indy website, and click the Registration button.

Photo credit: Brandy Shaul (Flickr, Creative Commons)

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