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GoApe! at Eagle Creek Park

GoApe! Treetop Adventures at Eagle Creek ParkI recently had the chance to check out the GoApe! Treetop Adventure at Eagle Creek Park.  The attraction is often described as a zipline, but it’s more than that. It’s actually a series of four high ropes courses, each ending in a long zipline through the trees.

As a former heights-hater, I was pleasantly surprised at how unfazed I was by this elevated obstacle course. Our guide put the group at ease immediately, showing us the ropes (pun intended). Every visitor was taught the proper use of their equipment, both on ground level and on a mini-course just a few feet off of the ground. Training finished with a small-scale zipline to ease any remaining fears.

GoApe Treetop AdventureJust like that, we were up and on our own. I was surprised that there isn’t a guide up in the trees. Visitors are free to monkey about, while guides patrol from the ground.  To be fair, there isn’t much need for one. The equipment is color-coded for simplicity’s sake and the course is littered with instructional signs reminding you to stay connected to a wire at all times (unless you want to end up like the falling stick figure with sharp triangles sticking out of his head).

Always stay attached The course itself even eases any fears. The course is situated over a small valley, so the ground literally falls away as visitors inch out. After climbing a ladder just higher than the average backyard tree house and crossing a few ropes segments, visitors actually end up being elevated much higher above the ground. This system creates a welcome illusion for those that struggle with heights.

That’s not to say that this attraction is a walk in the park, although our guide did mention that a 79-year old took to the ropes and completed three of the stations. Honestly, I was surprised that 10-year olds could handle it. Between nerve-racking balancing acts and Tarzan-like swings, anyone would be entertained and challenged by an afternoon spent at GoApe!

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