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2012 Indy Fringe Theatre Festival, August 17 – 26, 2012

It’s August in Indianapolis, and that means it’s my favorite time of year: the Indy Fringe Theatre Festival is back! This will be my fourth festival and I always have a great time every year, watching shows, meeting the actors, and checking out local and national acts.

This year is going to see the return of old favorites like Phil the Void, Taylor Martin, Dance Kaleidoscope, and Three Dollar Bill Comedy. And I’m also looking forward to shows like DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS: The Cease and Desist Musical from Cincinnati, Neil Weatherwax’s And I Am Not Making This Up, and Scott Long’s A Real Modern Family: From Hipster to Dipster.

The great thing about the Festival is that while the Indy Fringe Theatre makes money off the $5 backer buttons attendees must buy, all ticket sales are returned to the performers, which is how they make their money. And the Indy Fringe people have returned well over $600,000 in the last seven years to performers.

What I especially enjoy is meeting a lot of the performers as they are busking and hustling, trying to get people to come to their shows, and talking with them about where they’re from, how they’re enjoying the city, and even becoming friends with a few of them.

Finally, to get you in the spirit, the Indy Fringe Theatre is hosting the Battle of the Street Performers on Friday, August 3, right there on Mass Ave. Since my family and I are First Friday Freaks (is that even a thing?), we’re going to be there, checking out the performances. At 9:15, they’ll count the top 3 vote getters ($.25 = 1 vote), and they will perform for the crowd, so one can be crowned the King of the Street Performers.

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