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La Margarita in Indy’s Fountain Square Neighborhood

As a mom of a very picky eater, when we find a dish that our 3-year-old enjoys, we go with it. Because cheese quesadillas are on a very short list of acceptable food to my oldest, Mexican is often a go-to dining choice for our family. But sometimes, the typical strip mall Mexican restaurant gets a little tiring and boring.

We were excited to try out La Margarita when we found ourselves in downtown Indianapolis before an Indianapolis Indians game one Saturday night. It’s in the heart of the Fountain Square neighborhood on the very near southeastside of the city. La Margarita is special because it’s menu is an elevated version of your usual Mexican establishment.

La Margarita’s ceviche

For example, we started our meal with one of the appetizers, a shrimp and grouper ceviche. Spicy enough to clear your sinuses in the most delicious, flavorful way, with big chunks of three of my most favorite foods: shrimp, grouper and avocado.

To cool off my mouth from all that heat, I ordered up a house margarita. This place earned the right to name their restaurant after the famous Mexican cocktail. It was so good I drank it way too fast, and stopped myself from ordering a second. But I really, really wanted to! While La Margarita is very kid-friendly, there is a full tequila bar for the adults.

For dinner, my husband got the Burrito Azteca, which comes with pork at one end and chicken at the other. He ate it so fast I never got to try it. I had the Machaca, a dish of shredded beef and veggies. Also very good. There were many other dishes on the menu I’d love to try, like the Albondigas en Chipotle, a type of Mexican meatball, or the Nopalitos, the meat of a cactus served with potatoes and pork.

If your palate isn’t that adventurous, they also offer up a lot of the more typical Mexican fare, like tacos and enchiladas. Not surprisingly, our son was thrilled with his cheese quesadilla. There’s nothing wrong with pleasing the whole family!

La Margarita is located in the Murphy Arts Center building in Fountain Square, 1043 Virginia Ave. There is patio and indoor dining available. They are closed on Mondays. More info on their location and hours is available at their website.


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