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Indiana Drive-In Theaters Offer Outdoor Theater Experience, Nostalgia

Anyone who is of a certain age certainly remembers drive-in theaters. Sit in your car, under the stars, with tinny speakers hanging from your window, munching on theater popcorn and nibbling on your date’s ear.

While drive-ins are being replaced by air conditioned theaters with comfortable seats and Dolby THX 7:1 Surround Sound, there’s still something about the nostalgia of the drive-in. There are still a few drive-in theaters around Indiana, and I’ve even been to a few of them. (I remember the Ski Hi Drive-In in Muncie when I was a boy.)

Holiday Drive-In Theater

Holiday Drive-In Theater in Mitchell (Lawrence County), Indiana

Here are, as best as I can tell, the remaining drive-in theaters in Indiana. (You can also check out a Google map I have made of these locations.)

Starlite Drive-In
7630 South Old State Road 37
Bloomington (Monroe County)

Auburn Garrett Drive-In
1014 State Route 8 (4mi west of Auburn)
Garrett (DeKalb County)

Georgetown Drive-In Theater
8200 State Road 64
Georgetown (Floyd County)

Huntington Drive-In
1291 Condit Street (at local Route 24)
Huntington (Huntington County)

Tibbs Drive-In
480 S. Tibbs Avenue
Indianapolis (Marion County)

Mel’s Back-to-the-50’s Drive-In
State Route 39 N
Kirklin/Mechanicsburg (Clinton County)

Melody Drive-In
7055 Highway 35 South
Knox (Starke County)

Skyline Drive-In Theater
1353 North State Road 17
Logansport (Cass County)

Holiday Drive-In
1055 State Road 37
Mitchell (Lawrence County)
(Note: this is a different Holiday Drive-In from Rockport (Spencer County))

Lake Shore Drive-In
100 Rickey Road
Monticello (White County)

Center Brook Drive-In Theatre
6735 Route 67 North
Moorsville (Morgan County)

Ski Hi Drive-In
1801 East State Road 28
Muncie (Delaware County)

Bel Air Drive-In
337 North Route 421
Osgood/Versailles (Ripley County)

Tri Way Drive-In
4400 N. Michigan Road (Route 31)
Plymouth (Marshall County)

Holiday Drive-In
646 N. SR 161
Rockport (Spencer County)

Skyline Drive-In
3986 East Michigan Road
Shelbyville (Shelby County)

Cinema 67 Drive-In Theatre
6735 State Road 67 North
Spencer (Owen County)

49’er Drive-In Theatre
675 North Calumet Avenue
Valparaiso (Porter County)

13/24 Drive-In
890 North Road 13
Wabash (Wabash County)

Airline Drive-In
2870 State Route 32 East
Winchester (Randolph County)

Special thanks to for information about the different Indiana drive-in theaters, both live and dark.


Photo credit: Christopher Titzer (Flickr, Creative Commons)

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