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Musillami’s in Columbus, Indiana

One of the best aspects of being from wherever you’re from is that you know all the hidden gems in your town or city. One of my favorite off-the-beaten path treats in Columbus is Musillami’s.

Musillami’s is a drive-in restaurant, similar to many that probably dotted roadsides back in the 50s. You’ll find it at 855 Jonesville Road (also known at Route 11), just south of State Road 46, the popular road that you’ve probably traveled if you’ve ever driven from Bloomington to Nashville or to Columbus.

Musillami’s is only open from spring to summer, but boy, do my husband and I dream about their burgers in the winter months. The reason for the seasonal operation is the drive-in aspect. Although my family never actually eats our meal in the car (we opt for their picnic tables out front instead), most loyal diners do eat off their carside trays.

Musillami’s is best known for their pizza burgers and my husband swears they’re pretty amazing. I always go for a traditional cheeseburger. Their fried mushrooms are fantastic, and well, just scan the menu posted outside the building and order anything. At places like this, you really can’t go wrong.

Musillami’s doesn’t have a website (a place this good doesn’t need one), so you’ll just have to trust me. If you do need more info, call them at 812.372.7565. They do take credit cards, but you might not need one. My family typically dines here for about $10.

So next time you find yourself along 46 near Columbus in need of a greasy spoon fix, do what any local in the know does… skip all the generic chain restaurants and head south a mile or two to Musillami’s.

Photo credit: Nicole Wiltrout


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