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Authentic Italian Dishes at Galo’s Italian Grill

As I write this, I am sitting in catch-your-breath-beautiful Western North Carolina.

You might ask why I am thinking about Richmond, Indiana while surrounded by the blue mountains, lush forests and rushing rivers of this gorgeous place.
Well, I am hungry.
Really I am.
And I am thinking about Galo’s Italian Grill.

I’m thinking about how welcoming the staff is the minute I walk in the door … I’m remembering the fragrance of fresh tomatoes and zesty oregano and melting mozzarella … I’m imagining the taste of finely prepared and lovingly presented dishes.

Galo’s Italian Grill knows the importance of developing exquisite meals from the basics. Hot foods are served hot and cold foods cold; the use of quality ingredients results in delicious flavors and just a pinch of this herb and a dash of that seasoning can release the hidden characteristics of succulent olive oil, invigorating garlic and imported Italian pasta. Galo’s even understands that a traditional wood fired oven is vital when baking an authentic Italian pizza.

The Bruschetta that comes to the table is always fresh, warm and fragrant. That’s because every loaf of bread, each bun and every roll had been baked that very morning. Baked by the Galo’s family and their dedicated staff just minutes away at 5th Street Coffee and Bagels, across from the Olde Richmond Inn.

It is that dedication and professionalism, blended with Galo’s real joy in nurturing each guest, that makes the Galo’s dining experience so special. In this day of tasteless food generated from a mediocre kitchen and delivered by a stranger, what a delight it is to find a locally owned, family (in every sense of the word) restaurant that deeply appreciates their customers.

Did you know that Galo is the name of the owner, and that he and his marvelous wife, Linda, met while working in a restaurant together? Over 20 years ago they chose to raise their family and pursue their dreams in Richmond. During that time they have become an integral part of the community and have graciously welcomed generations of families into the comfortable dining room of Galo’s Italian Grill at 107 Garwood Road.

Whether I’m meeting girlfriends for Pasta Mediterranean and a refreshing glass of wine on the patio, or if this is “date night” for just the two of us, making Gorgonzola New York Strip an absolute necessity; Galo’s is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with the people we treasure. Perfectly crafted food and very reasonably priced meals combine to make Galo’s an affordable option for everyone who enjoys real food and caring service.

Galo’s Italian Grill has shared the seasons of life with generations of diners. Romantic meals with champagne and engagement rings have lead to wedding rehearsal dinners. Before Galo’s knows it, couples are bringing their children in for birthday celebrations and soon parents have become grandparents; then suddenly it’s time for a jovial, loving family reunion – right where it all started!

When I tell family and friends throughout the country about Galo’s, it’s impossible to describe the beautiful dining room, the freshness of the ingredients, and the aroma and flavor of the food without including the attentiveness of the servers and the obvious involvement of the owners themselves. No matter if you are a visitor or a long time resident, I hope to see you at Galo’s Italian Grill soon – and often. You’ll recognize me by my blissful smile and empty plate!

Susan Ray is a freelance writer and co-founder of a local writers’ group. She loves her life in Indiana and is passionate about discovering and sharing the little known treasures and the unexpected beauty of the Hoosier state with newcomers and natives alike. “When I first visited Indiana, I expected the stereotypical corn and beans and flat landscape. What I found instead were acres of history, culture and adventure!” Susan often shares these forays into the wonderland of Indiana with her companionable husband and sends far too many postcards to her Tar Heel son and daughter-in-law. Visit her blog at and take a look at the latest news from the writers’ group at

Photos by Gabe Sauerland

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Written by : Clare Seffrin Bond, a writer, life coach and marketing specialist, lives and works in Richmond, Indiana. A native of Wayne County, Clare enjoys exploring the historical sites of the area, as well as the many new locations offering excellent cuisine and live music.