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Conner Prairie Gaining Steam in September

Conner Prairie is going steam punk on Central Indiana, although with more steam and less punk. The Smithsonian affiliate received a grant by the LDI 100th Anniversary Celebration Cultural Partnership Gift Program, and they will be using it to power their new STEAM! Innovation Week in September.

STEAM! will show visitors the innovations of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM, get it?) in the context of history. Their five day event will be filled with interactive exhibits, activities, performances, and hands-on demonstrations. Conner Prairie plans on demonstrations and presentations by innovators who will showcase different creations of the past and present.

The Zimmerman House at Conner Prairie

The Zimmer House in Liberty Town, one of the outdoor areas that will feature STEAM! Plus, I hear the photographer is a genius.

The STEAM! innovations will be felt through Conner Prairie’s outdoor historic areas from September 12 – 16, and give visitors a chance to explore the ideas and discoveries that made an impact in American history.

Finally, the week will end with the STEAM! Country Fair on September 15 and 16, where they will feature the work of scientists, inventors, creators, engineers, artists and other innovators through interactive exhibits, hands-on games and activities, music, and food. You will also be able to see the evolution of different technologies, and learn how some of Indiana’s innovators played a part in bringing today’s technology to the world.

More information about STEAM! week will be on this blog.

Photo credit: (Picasa) Made you look!

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