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A Non-Traditional Bakery Experience

The walls of Baked! are adorned with pizza boxes customers have decorated after finishing their cookies.

You can get Baked! In the heart of Bloomington?

Yes, we’re talking about cookies.

Baked! of Bloomington makes, in my opinion, the most delicious cookies in central Indiana. If you love creating a cookie filled with tons of ingredients, candy, and flavored dough, or if you love just plain chocolate chip, you will find your favorite cookie when you visit Baked!

Hidden away in a small, red, rustic home in the heart of downtown Bloomington, Baked! is a a privately-owned business that typically caters to the students of Indiana University.

Baked! is not your typical bakery, it is open from 3 p.m until the early hours of the morning. It offers a delivery service and even delivers the cookies in a pizza box. When the customer has enjoyed their cookies, they decorate the empty box and bring it back to baked, where it is hung on the wall.

Cookies made for a Boys and Girls club meeting

Cookies Baked! for a Boys and Girls club meeting. People of all ages enjoy the Baked! cookies.

Another reason why Baked! is one-of-a-kind is because of the various cookie combinations offered. You can try peanut butter dough, with Craisins, Oreos, and walnuts. Then top it off with some pink icing and Hershey’s Kisses. Baked! allows you to order as many ingredients as you like and as many cookies as you would like.

Every morning, the Baked! employees use the leftover dough to create their famous “sludge bar.” The exciting thing? the sludge bar is never the same! The employees put all the dough and ingredients into a pan and turn it into a gigantic cookie cake. The sludge bar sells like a charm and is always delicious.

The laid back environment is something every college student, kid, or adult will love.

But when you visit be sure to bring your appetite and creativity!

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