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New Spin on Winter Comfort Foods

This winter has been milder than most, but the gloomy gray skies can still put you in the mood for that special dish that will make you feel cozy.  Try something new and different at a local Hamilton County restaurant to get your fix of the comforting salty, crunchy and sweet tastes that you crave.

Big Hoffa's Barbeque Sundae

Big Hoffa's Barbeque Sundae

Brown sugar baked beans and a heaping pile of smoky BBQ meat sounds good, right?  Big Hoffa’s BBQ in Westfield takes it to the next level with a unique presentation of the dish- in a sundae glass.  Yes, the baked beans and BBQ are layered in an old-fashioned glass ice cream dish so you get both beans and meat in each tasty spoonful!

French O’Dumplings?  What is this mash-up of cultures?  This dish is a new take on French onion soup and is offered at Divvy in Carmel.  Most items on Divvy’s menu are built to share, but you’ll want these little dumplings soaked in brandy beef jus all to yourself.  Throw melted leeks and a broiled cheese on top, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a comforting lunch.

The perfect salty snack is hidden in the Sahm’s Restaurant menu under the unassuming name of “Carrot Curls”.  This side dish replaces standard potato chips or fries, but still fulfills the salty and crunchy qualities.  The curls are fried carrot ribbons lightly dusted with salt to provide a satisfying combination of salty and sweet carrot in every crunch.

You already know about Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream made famous by their Big Ugly Burger, but you should really get to know their cousin, Bub’s Café.  This quaint little eatery features stellar breakfast offerings including Bub Holes.  Regular doughnut holes are put to shame by these giant baseball-sized sweet treats.  The doughy spheres come in classic doughnut flavors like powdered sugar and will surely bring comfort to your morning sweet tooth.

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