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Fudge Sundae


If you are looking to add flavor to your kitchen, your grill, or to satisfy your sweet tooth, then Best Boy and Company is the brand to investigate. Not only does this company use only natural Indiana products, but 100 percent of its profits are given to charities and organizations benefitting children and families. So you can feel good when you are buying. The mission of this organization is to support humanitarian efforts locally and abroad.

While everything from the Best Boy and Company is delicious, I am going to focus today on the yummy, decadent goodness that owner Wayne Shive likes to call fudge sauce. Best Boy and Company has a diverse flavor set for the fudge sauces: original, chili, mocha. Now, I am sure many of you are thinking chili fudge sauce-what am I going to eat that on?

Shive recommends pairing it with cinnamon ice cream and fried banana. This combination is the perfect twist on sweet and spicy to send your taste buds into overdrive. If you are a coffee addict like me, you will head straight for the mocha fudge. Out of the three choices, I felt like I had blinders on. I lost my peripheral vision and made a beeline to the mocha fudge sauce. Shive suggests this sauce with biscotti or panna cotta, but for a simple coffee loverís palate, it pairs deliciously with vanilla ice cream. The final flavor is original, but let me tell you this is not any plain old ordinary hot fudge. Eating this hot fudge is like having flash backs to your childhood where nothing tasted as sweet and satisfying as a hot fudge brownie sundae.

Indy residents, if you are wondering where you can get your hands on these products, then† head over to the Goose Market. Trust me, you will not want to miss out on those fudge sauces.

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