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Stutz Art Space March Blurs the Line Between Art and Marketing

The Stutz Art Space will explore the “icky space” between art and marketing. As a writer and a marketer, I live in this place all the time. I market my writing, and my writing helps me market.

It’s a confusing place to be sometimes. Especially when many of my writer friends take the attitude that “I shouldn’t have to market my work. People should just want to read it.” On the other hand, many of my marketing friends think that artists who don’t like to market are either selling themselves short, or don’t believe their art is strong enough to withstand “the marketplace.”

Before They Left by Emily Schwank

Before They Left by Emily Schwank

So I’m especially intrigued by the March exhibition at the Stutz Art Space. As the notification I received asked, “Marketing messages engage us using art. Artists in turn use marketing tactics as they create. What distinguishes art from marketing?

Several outstanding Indiana artists will explore that question with their exhibition, including Jim Barnett, Chris Bucher, Leigh Dunnington-Jones, Wendy Franklin, Jennifer Maher, Wilbur Montgomery, Polina Osherov, Emily Schwank, Holly Sommers, Ed Stewart, Cara Jean Wahlers and Jack Wickes.

This should be an interesting exploration. I’ve known Polina Osherov for some time, and she straddles that line between her art and her marketing very well. She’s managed to find the balance and appease both sides of the aisle. I’m looking forward to seeing what she and her fellow artists have come up with.

The exhibition opens on Friday, March 2, from 5 pm to 9 pm, as part of the monthly IDADA First Friday Art Walk. The exhibition will also be open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm (so you Indy folks can visit during your lunch hour).

The event is held at the Stutz Art Space, 212 W. 10th St. in downtown Indianapolis. (Enter from 10th Street via Bearcat Alley.) The cost of the event is free. (How’s that for art and marketing? Now no one gets paid. Are you happy?)

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