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Mr. Potato Head at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Just when I think I’ve seen and experienced all there is at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, along comes an exhibit that impresses me once again, and more importantly, delights my son. The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head  hits that sweet spot once again.

Naturally, there are opportunities to play with Mr. Potato Head and all his fun little parts as you enter the exhibit. You can even see some of Mr. Potato Head’s history (he’s currently celebrating his 60th anniversary!) But the gallery is really designed around taking young kids on one of four adventures with the famous spud.

In one area, he’s an archeologist. Here you can make tatoglyphs, which is sort of like stamping. It was my son’s favorite part and he couldn’t wait to show his dad what he had made when we got home the night of our visit. Mr. Potato Head also plays the role of astronaut, complete with a spaceship kids can explore. He goes on a safari and even under water, bringing visitors along on his adventures. If you time your visit right, you might get to visit the Spud Studio and participate in a fun show, where you’ll help Mr. Potato Head organize all the supplies he’ll need for these adventures.

In conjunction with the exhibit, the museum is running a Most Creative Spud Contest. Enter by February 22 at the contest Facebook page, and be entered to win an enormous Mr. Potato Head gift basket. All the contest rules are on the website. Check out some of the fabulous entries that have already been submitted here.

While the exhibit is designed for kids 3-8, my 2-year-old loved it, and I saw kids even younger having a great time. There are plenty of play areas for little ones to move about and get the wiggles out. You’ll find The Adventures of Mr. Potato Head on the 2nd floor of the museum. It will be there until May 6, so be sure to get to the museum before he departs.

As for what else is new at the museum, CSI Flight Adventures opens February 25 in the SpaceQuest Planetarium and LEGO Travel Adventure opens March 10, just in time for spring break visitors. Just a few more reasons to make a return trip in the next few months!

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