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Judge’s Tip of the Rib Bar-B-Q and their Pulled Pork Sandwich (#Super46)

Just to start things off, I was born in the south and my entire extended family lives in Alabama and Georgia, so I’m used to (and quite fond of) southern-style barbecue. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I recently went to Judge’s Tip of the Rib Bar-B-Q and found some authentic southern-style pulled pork. I’ve tried out other barbecue places in Indy, but none of them compare to Judge’s.

Just about three miles west of downtown Indianapolis on Michigan Street, you’ll find Judge’s Tip of the Rib Bar-B-Q. While owners Judge and Sandra Smith opened the restaurant in about ten years ago, they got their start in the restaurant business by opening up the Juice Garden Smoothie Bar a few years earlier at the Indianapolis City Market.

In addition to the traditional pulled pork (served without sauce, by the way – you can add your own homemade mild, medium or hot barbecue sauce to any dish), Judge’s serves some great southern-style sides – from baked beans to corn casserole, from collard greens to cole slaw. But even if southern-style barbecue isn’t your favorite style, Judge has some great options for barbecue lovers from any part of the country including southwestern style brisket and St. Louis-inspired rib tips.

Even if barbecue isn’t your thing, you can still pick up chicken wings, burgers or smoked salmon. But, the highlight of Judge’s is definitely their pulled pork sandwich. Judge took us back behind the restaurant and showed us the three large, customized, 10-year-old Weber Grills that he cooks all the meat on. Judge slow-cooks all meats over indirect heat for several hours and when you take your first bite of the sandwich, you can immediately taste the smokiness of the meat. I’m a big fan of spicy foods, so I smothered my pulled pork in the spicy barbecue sauce, but it wasn’t too hot. 20111201-080628.jpg

Check out the video below (or click here if you’re reading this on a mobile device or in a feed reader) to see a short video of Judge’s Tip of the Rib Bar-B-Q, their Pulled Pork Sandwich and watch me try out the barbecue.

Judge’s is a great place to head if you’re looking for barbecue in Indy. It’s one of the closest barbecue places to downtown and it’s definitive among the most authentic as well. The fact that Judge slow-cooks using indirect heat in grills behind his restaurants guarantees that great home-cooked, smokey flavor that barbecue is supposed to have.

Triple XXX Family Restaurant - Menu
2104 West Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46222
Phone: 317.631.0340

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