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Harry & Izzy’s and their Prime Rib Sandwich (#Super46)

If you’ve visited Indianapolis before, you might know that one of the most famous steakhouses in town is St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. Whenever Indy hosts big events (NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours, the Indianapolis 500, Super Bowl, etc.) the biggest names all visit St. Elmo’s for fantastic steak and their world-famous (and recently recognized as The World’s Spiciest Food) Shrimp Cocktail. One expected caveat to St. Elmo’s is the price point. If you’re looking for a very nice steakhouse (and willing to pay for a very nice steakhouse), St. Elmo’s is the place for you.

But if you want to try the Shrimp Cocktail or many of the other menu items from St. Elmo’s but don’t want to pay the premium price, you can always head next door to Harry & Izzy’s. The business-casual yet contemporary restaurant honors the legacies of St. Elmo’s Steakhouse co-founders Harry Roth and Izzy Rosen and many of the same menu items available at St. Elmo’s can be ordered at Harry & Izzy’s.

Although you an order the Shrimp Cocktail and great steaks, one of my favorite dishes at Harry & Izzy’s is their Prime Rib Sandwich. The sandwich is made of shaved prime rib on an onion ciabbata bread with white cheddar cheese served with slammer sauce (a light horseradish sauce) and homemade au jous. In addition, you also get a side item (we chose the french fries).

I recently headed down to Harry & Izzy’s with a co-worker (Brian) so we could try out the Prime Rib Sandwich. We started our meal off with the Shrimp Cocktail and it sure is spicy. My first few bites weren’t too bad, then I took a bite that contained a huge chunk of horseradish and it instantly cleared my sinuses!

After the spicy start to our meal, we wanted to have a milder dish and the Prime Rib Sandwich definitely fit the bill. The richness of the cheddar cheese and the prime rib played perfectly with the slammer sauce and the excellent au jous. The best part about the slammer sauce is that, while it is a horseradish-based sauce, there was just a hint of spice with tons of creaminess to add to the sandwich. There was enough spice to know there was horseradish in it, but it was a nice mild kick to the sandwich as opposed to the nearly overwhelming spice of the shrimp cocktail. The fries were fried and seasoned perfectly and were a great compliment to finish the dish.

Check out the video below (or click here if you’re reading this on a mobile device or in a feed reader) to see a short video of Harry & Izzy’s, the Prime Rib Sandwich and watch Brian try out the sandwich.

Overall, Harry & Izzy’s is a great place to try out if you’re looking for a slightly more upscale dining experience without having to spend what you might at a top-end steakhouse. The menu has lots of variety from sandwiches like the Prime Rib Sandwich, steaks, pastas, salads and pizza, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Harry & Izzy’s has three different locations for you to try:

Harry & Izzy’s – Downtown Indianapolis – Menu
153 South Illinois Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Phone: 317.635.9594
Harry & Izzy’s – Northside Indianapolis – Menu
4050 East 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317.915.8045
Harry & Izzy’s – Indianapolis International Airport – Menu
7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Located in Concourse A near Gate A6
Phone: 317.241.0533

Have you tried out the Prime Rib Sandwich at Harry & Izzy’s? Is it one of your favorites? If so, vote for it in our Super 46 Sandwiches Playoffs. You can find out more about the Prime Rib Sandwich or the other 45 sandwiches at

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